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2022 Project KnowYourThree Digital Files

CAPELABS is an innovation initiative with The Porter-Gaud Foundation with the goal to prevent child abuse through educational programs. The purpose of KNOWYOURTHREE is to empower kids with the information they need to know: (1) what abuse is and (2) the importance to get help from a safe adult when they are in an unsafe situation.   It's a fun mini-session targeted for 3rd through 8th graders on staying safe.  The material is age-appropriate, and the information has been vetted by childcare professionals and certified therapists.  

All material is owned by The Porter-Gaud School, but free to use and copy under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. 


Speaker's Notes


Nine pages of speaker's notes clearly written and ready for you to print from PDF



Here's the presentation - safe, secure and pre-scanned for viruses.  Google Slides and PDF require internet access during your presentation for video play access.   The Macintosh Keynote does not require internet to play as videos are included in the file.

For a reading of the materia by Chris Tate, Dean at Porter-Gaud School, click on the video player.

Material reading by Chris Tate, Dean at Porter-Gaud School


Email for Parents

It may not be needed for your organization, but this email may be sent out in advance so parents are aware of the KNOWYOURTHREE initiative (and have an option to opt-out)

Globalization concept

BONUS:  Would you like some sample posters?  Click here.  Would you like to create your own fliers and posters with Know Your Three assets?   Click here to download from Google Drive.

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