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In 2021 we printed over 500 t-shirts and distributed them to 5th and 6th graders at Charleston schools. These t-shirts helped the students understand the importance of having safe adults in their lives who they can count on if they need help.  Educators armed with a professional "zebra" curriculum and free student give-aways were able to make a difference to students' lives. We were able to help a number of students at risk of abuse by identifying the importance of what abuse is and safe adults to go to for help. 

“I loved being able to use an example such as the zebras and robolion. They were more interested and it was easier for them to comprehend.”    


 “...the zebra analogy, the script, the parent letter worked well.”

"Loved this program.  Thank you so much."


Our goal for 2022 is to move from hundreds of students to thousands of students with the Child Abuse Prevention Education Lab (CAPELABS) Initiative.  Our KNOWYOURTHREE curriculum will be reinforced by distributing water bottles that, like the t-shirts, stress the importance of safe adults.


Please consider making The Porter-Gaud CAPE Initiative one of your philanthropic priorities by clicking HERE. At the "Designation" drop-down menu, click "CAPE Initiative" and enter your credit card info.  It is important to restrict the gift for this CAPE community program to have impact on our child abuse prevention efforts.

Realizing the benefit of this program, Porter-Gaud, is making the KNOWYOURTHREE middle school initiative a recognized school-run community service project. As a result, 100% of all the donations go directly to the creation, development, distribution, and amplification of Porter-Gaud CAPE educational materials. CAPE has zero administrative cost given we are all volunteers.

To avoid credit card fees for larger donations (>$500), please send a check payable to the Porter-Gaud Foundation and indicate on the memo line "Restricted for the CAPE program."   Note the Foundation EIN is 45-2701202. 

Porter-Gaud Foundation

Attn: Craig Stewart

300 Albemarle Road

Charleston, SC 29407

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