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We are a group of academic professionals, psychologists, middle & high school students, and business executives who are dedicated to providing free, quality Child Abuse Prevention Education (CAPE).

“We can stop child abuse, but we have to be able to talk about it first. Some adults might not want to talk because they think it is not going to happen to the kids around them — but to avoid it, you have to have that conversation.”

Mia Hellman Class 2022 - Porter-Gaud School Co-founder, Know Your Three


“I’ve often thought about what education I could have been given that might have stopped the horrendous child abuse that happened at my high school thirty years ago. After extensive study with victims and experts in child abuse prevention, we have developed KnowYourThree to be that education - empowering children to know what abuse is and specifically who to go to until it stops.”

Stafford Green Class 1983 - Porter-Gaud School Co-founder, Know Your Three"



KNOWMYTHREE is an education initiative driven by certified child experts and the Porter-Gaud (PG) School family of students, alumni, teachers, and administrators.  Our overall mission is to reduce all forms of child abuse, including sexual abuse, by creating and distributing positive, innovative content and materials.   


Leaders for KnowMyThree include DuBose Egleston (PG Head of School), Amy Flynn (PG Science Teacher), Stafford Green (PG Alumni and co-founder of KnowMyThree), Mia Helman (PG Student and co-founder of KnowMyThree), Jen Lorenz (PG Director of Strategic Communications), Craig Stewart (Ex. Director of the PG Foundation), and Dr. Carole Swiecicki Ph.D. (Psychologist and Trauma Expert.

The Child Abuse Prevention Education (CAPE) Initiative Fund's KnowMyThree  service develops, produces, and distributes educational materials.   Content is owned by Porter-Gaud School, but is free to copy and use under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.   We have zero administrative cost as we are all volunteers within the Porter-Gaud School Foundation and Porter-Gaud Community Service Program.  Funding is sourced from the school and donations.

For information about the Porter-Gaud CAPE program, click here.  


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