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2021 One in None - Digital Files

CAPELABS is a research-based  initiative with the goal to prevent child abuse through innovative educational programs. The purpose of Mia’s One in None Initiative is to empower kids with the information they need to know: (1) what abuse is and (2) the importance to get help from a trusted adult when they are in an unsafe situation.   It's a fun mini-session for 5th and 6th graders on staying safe.  The material is age-appropriate, and the information has been vetted by professionals at the Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center.

Image by Markus Winkler


Script for Guidance Counselors

Suggested lesson plan developed in partnership with the Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center (DNCAC).  The purpose of this script is to provide guidance counselors with appropriate language for 5th and 6th grader facilitation. 


Email for Parents

This email can be sent out in advance so parents are aware of the CAPE initiative (and have an option to opt-out)

Globalization concept
Image by Karim MANJRA


More about Zebras

This link provides more information about zebras - including the ROBO-LION referenced in the script




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